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Easily find suitable direct projects (for the whole team or for individual employees), public tenders and suitable partners for your own needs, anonymously and based on data.

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Simply create your profile automatically and then apply in an optimally tailored way. Whether with CV export or from the system: With Lyncronize you automatically create optimal applications. We check the requirements in the advertisements and point out opportunities for improvement. For applications as a service provider as well as for CVs for individual projects.

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Based on the CVs and your company profile, we offer you a complete market overview, on average more than 6,000 projects per month from more than 100 data sources and more than 3,000 potential clients. You decide who sees your data and at the same time have a complete overview of the market. Skill management with real sales relevance.

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From all our projects, profiles and user interactions, we constantly provide you and your company with the latest information on skills trends, daily rates, frequently requested job profiles and particularly sought-after skills. So that you already know today what you will need in the future to successfully win new projects.

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Frequently asked questions & answers

Lyncronize is the matching portal for digital projects and service providers. We match freelancers, service providers and digital projects based on skills and AI. So you get everything at a glance.

The nature of the projects varies. Our service providers are specialists in the areas of cloud, SAP, web development, cybersecurity, software development, DevOps and in the Microsoft world. The tenders published on Lyncronize also cover this entire spectrum. Clients can easily advertise their IT needs and get support quickly.

At Lyncronize, IT needs and IT resources come together. We ensure this through our skill- and AI-based matching. When a match is made, the client and contractor are put in direct contact with each other. We disclose our surcharges and prices completely, if possible we also offer direct contact to the clients.

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