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Good data is the linchpin of Lyncronize. Based on over 50 data points, Lyncronize finds exactly the right provider for your digitisation needs.

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Working with us, your legally compliant and detailed request can be drawn up in less than 5 minutes. Either in direct collaboration with the client or with support from your purchasing department.


Create invitations to tender anonymously, receive non-binding offers and intentionally involve your preferred suppliers. This creates transparency and fair pricing.

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Lyncronize is the matching portal for digital projects and service providers. Based on skills and AI, we match freelancers, service providers and digital projects. This way you get everything at a glance.

The nature of the projects varies. Our service providers are specialists in the areas of cloud, SAP, web development, cybersecurity, software development, DevOps and in the Microsoft world. The tenders published on Lyncronize also cover this entire spectrum. Clients can easily advertise their IT needs and get support quickly.

We focus on good data and thus clarify the most important key data BEFORE the first meeting: does the price fit? Does the availability fit? Do the references fit? All This without tedious comparison of CVs, queries from various contacts but with the involvement of your preferred suppliers. It's purchasing IT as easy as buying on Amazon.

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