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Lyncronize is a matching platform between companies for the awarding of IT projects. Project owners advertise their needs and search for suitable providers via Lyncronize. For service providers and freelancers Lyncronize offers
a meta-search of project tenders from more than 100 providers on the web with thousands of projects every month.


The nature of the projects varies. Our service providers are specialists in the areas of cloud, SAP, web development, cybersecurity, software development, DevOps and in the Microsoft world. The tenders published on Lyncronize also cover this entire spectrum. Clients can easily advertise their IT needs and quickly receive support, among other things, by having us suggest suitable companies.

At Lyncronize, IT needs and IT resources come together. We ensure this through our skill- and AI-based matching. When a match is made, the client and contractor are put in direct contact with each other. There are no detours through us and a contract always arises directly between both parties. We do not mediate contacts or projects, but offer the platform for the perfect match.

  • Search engine: Search more than 6,000 new projects per month
  • Profile management: Create individual employee profiles in compliance with data protection and apply with one click
  • Covering needs: anonymously advertise own needs and cooperation projects and find partners

Both the creation of your company profile and an active registration are completely free of charge!

Costs only arise when premium features are explicitly activated.

Lyncronize GmbH is a spin-off from the University of Kassel based in the Science Park business incubator. We want to make digitisation tenders as easy as possible and digitise sales for IT companies in order to drastically reduce the high manual search efforts.

To adjust or cancel your existing subscription, just send us a short email. You will find further information on this page.

Namen der Mitarbeitenden können in den Einstellungen anonymisiert werden, so dass dies nicht einsehbar ist. Firmeninformationen sind einsehbar, wenn das Profil auf Öffentlich gestellt wird. Bei einer Bewerbung kann man jederzeit frei entscheiden welche Projekte mitgesendet/gesehen werden sollen und welche nicht