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The company Transelektronik goes back to the still active managing director Werner Friedrich, who is still active today. Already at the age of he was already attracted to electrical engineering at the age of six. As a working student at seventeen, he set up an advertising van with all the equipment such as a tape recorder, mixing console and power power amplifier. The amplifier technology was based on the now legendary EL34 tubes, whose lifespan was limited by the bad by the poor roads of the post-war period - the the bars milled out the mica discs. In 1962, this was followed by the development of professional tape recorders (30 and 15 inch) for studio use. To complement these, mixing desks and limiters were also produced according to the principle of pulse width control. The principle of the of the latter product was confirmed when a German company a patent by a German company. This was followed by - also order-related - developments for the Austrian Armed Forces. The long-wave monitoring receivers already used semiconductor semiconductor technology, e.g. with diode mixers. A very modern technique was the switching of interphone and radio conversations by means of biased diodes, i.e. without mechanical contacts. The places of operation were Langenlebarn, Hörsching and the Kolomannsberg. In accordance with the fascination that four-pole filters exert on the the managing director, there were many orders from the postal the Austrian Post and the Austrian Armed Forces in the field of frequency frequency conversion, which also resulted in carrier frequency connections. These led to the inductive signalling technology for cable cars. Consequently, equipment was also created for funiculars/inclined lifts were also created. In 1980 came the decisive entry into the world of world of microprocessors with the first application for telecontrol and and telecommunication. The extensive equipment of public transport vehicles public transport vehicles also followed at this time. at this time. Soon after came the turn to the extensive use of digital and microprocessor technology in the vehicles. vehicles. Essential for the acceptance of the company on the market was the high level of investment in the mechanical mechanics, which meant that samples could be presented quickly. could be presented quickly. Today, the state of the art leaves nothing to be desired in the mechanical neither in the mechanical nor in the electrical area.




Not specified

Annual turnover

1-2 million

Company type

Established service provider

Main focus

Data Management Platform
2-Factor Authentication
LabView FPGA
PCB design
GPU Computing
Digital signal processing


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