These developers are particularly in demand


Comparison of demand for developers

In a previous article we looked at the Hourly rates of developers busy. Now we have investigated which type of developer is most frequently sought in project tenders. The following chart shows the share of the different developer groups in the project tenders:

Java in front - followed by the generalists

Java developers continue to be particularly popular. On average, more than a quarter of the projects advertised for developers each month involve companies looking for Java experts who can also be found at our Hourly rate rankings were already at the top. Then come the generalists: general software developers are in demand in more than 10% of all projects. The "eierlegende Wollmilchsau" among developers is also to be found high up: Fullstack developers, who can be deployed in both the front-end and back-end, rank third, followed by front-end and back-end developers. Overall, companies are now looking much more often for generalists who develop entire solutions than for individual experts in specific languages. Thus, the most sought-after Hourly rate ranking Python developers, who were at the top of the list, are now in the lower ranks. So the pay is good here, but the available projects are rarer in comparison.

The trends in the new year

The new year will see a steep upward trend, especially for developers in the C++ and backend fields. Both job profiles reached their highest levels of demand in February and March. Mobile developers, on the other hand, are stagnating in last place. The demand for specialists for Android, iOS and co. is accordingly limited with a share of around 1%.

A few words on analysis...

We have analysed which job titles appear most frequently in project titles. In the case of mixed titles such as "Java Backend Developer", we count the advertisement for both Java Developer and Backend Developer. We have also taken into account different spellings and synonyms in order to be able to correctly assign as many job advertisements as possible. Nevertheless, a certain proportion of tenders naturally falls away because unique titles are not always used or there is little specific search for just a "developer".

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Anja Ott

Anja Ott

Anja ist Head of Business Development bei Lyncronize und hat unter anderem ihre Erfahrung in der dynamischen Start-up Tech Scene in Tel Aviv gesammelt. Sie liebt es zu Reisen und Denkmuster zu hinterfragen.
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