Job profile: Blockchain Consultant (m/f/d)


A Blockchain Consultant has experience in at least one cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin, and is able to analyse financial transaction systems for security vulnerabilities. He/she should have a wide range of skills in computer networking, cryptography, algorithms and data structures.


A:e Blockchain Consultant:in researches, analyses, develops and tests blockchain technologies. This includes the documentation and maintenance of solutions as well as their architectural integration with business logic. The goal of Blockchain Consulting is to translate business goals into technology roadmaps that clients can follow to achieve results.

Blockchain is a distributed public ledger that monitors and registers transactions carried out between interconnected nodes within a network. Such transactions can be found, for example, in the banking sector, stock exchanges or land registers. The blockchain ensures that each asset is assigned to its rightful owner and does away with a middle instance. By reading out these transaction chains, it can be transparently traced at any time which actions have taken place and falsified chains are removed from the network. The blockchain is unchangeable and is managed decentrally on different computers, which protects against fraud and manipulation. For SAP in particular, there are use cases for the application of blockchain, such as in the areas of transport management, supply chain, payment fraud prevention and global and continuous tracking of objects and business processes, due to the cooperation with many companies.

What makes a Blockchain Consultant a valuable asset is their ability to combine both business and technical skills. This allows Blockchain Consultants to create customised protocols and applications that focus on a company's data optimisation potential. Tasks include cloud integration, risk factor analysis and risk management provision.

In addition to a variety of specific tasks, blockchain consultants are responsible for ensuring compliance with the relevant regulatory and legal frameworks. It is also common for some companies to offer training in this area to their clients, as many businesses are still unaware of how they could benefit from the adoption of Blockchain technologies. In addition, some blockchain consultants may offer legal advice on how organisations can manage their identity and finances when using blockchain technologies.

What tasks await you as a Blockchain Consultant?

  • Conception of technical solutions in the field of blockchain
  • Use case development
  • Preparation and implementation of DLT projects
  • Analysis of existing solutions and their improvement
  • Market and competition analysis using blockchain technology

What hard skills do you need?

  • Completed studies in economics or (business) informatics
  • Programming skills in frontend and backend (e.g. Javascript, HTML, CSS)
  • Experience with blockchain technologies and DLT technologies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger, Corda, IOTA
  • Experience of the legal and financial implications of blockchain
  • Sound knowledge in the area of SAP
  • Project experience

Top skills and hourly rate

The top skills of a blockchain consultant include experience in blockchain, SAP and Java. Extensive SAP knowledge is one of the top skills for getting projects in the blockchain area. Furthermore, programming languages such as Java and open source tools such as Docker and agile project management skills are in demand.

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Anja Ott

Anja Ott

Anja ist Head of Business Development bei Lyncronize und hat unter anderem ihre Erfahrung in der dynamischen Start-up Tech Scene in Tel Aviv gesammelt. Sie liebt es zu Reisen und Denkmuster zu hinterfragen.
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