Job profiles for a quick overview of the market


Data can provide us with important information. With thousands of service provider profiles and over 3,000 registered companies, we at Lyncronize have helpful data sources that allow us to draw conclusions about hourly rates and skills.

This data forms the basis for the Lyncronize Job profiles. Since IT service providers and digital professionals can register on our platform, who in turn fill their profiles with salary requirements, skills and their job title, general job profiles can be derived from this, which can be used as a template for creating one's own profile. Combined with data from over 5,000 project advertisements per month, this provides a unique insight into both the supply and demand side of the German-speaking project market. Job profiles can also be a valuable guide for companies looking for service providers and / or freelancers who want to familiarise themselves with the current hourly rates and skills currently in demand beforehand.

For freelancers & service providers - template for your own job profile

If you are a freelancer and would like to register - completely free of charge, by the way - at Lyncronize one of the first steps is to create your own profile. After registering, freelancers have the option to select job profiles and use them as inspiration for their own profile.

It is also possible to access the Analytics page via the "Discover profiles" button. Freelancers - but also service providers - can view the job profiles at Lyncronize. Service providers also have the option of creating company profiles for team projects and individual employee profiles. Especially practical: Via the button "Projects" within a job profile, service providers and freelancers can see all open advertisements for this type of job and can apply directly if they are interested.

For companies - find IT specialists easily

Our job profiles are therefore a reliable benchmark to get to grips with the market. Companies looking for professionals through Lyncronize can use the job profiles to find out which skills are currently in demand among IT professionals and digital experts. They can also get an idea of the current hourly rate and the trend development of skills in demand. The average project duration and the top 3 skills for specific jobs are also immediately visible in a job profile.

Companies can use the job profiles to find out which experts are listed on Lyncronize. For example, it is becoming increasingly important for many companies to be well-positioned in the area of cyber security, as shown in the current article by Bitkom becomes clear once again. The job profiles now provide an overview of the current market of freelancers and IT service providers.

In this case, the security consultant would be of interest, who currently has an average hourly wage of around 111 euros and should be particularly fit in IT security, information security and in dealing with Azure. But cloud security, encryption and ISMS are also still in vogue here. (see picture excerpt Security Consultant Profile). Clients can thus better estimate the current demand and price for the services they need in-house.


How does a Lyncronize job profile come about?

New service providers and freelancers register on Lyncronize every day. This means we always have access to up-to-date data from which we draw the information for our job profiles. In addition, thousands of project postings are evaluated monthly with regard to frequently requested skills. The job profiles therefore represent the average of all Lyncronize profiles plus the market demand for a specific job.

What do I see in a Lyncronize job profile?

A Lyncronize job profile provides information about the average hourly wage, the average project duration, the required skills, the skill trend development and general information about the respective job.

What is a Lyncronize job profile?

Lyncronize job profiles represent the cross-section of individual jobs in the IT and digital industry. They are a help for freelancers and service providers who are in the process of creating their own profile on Lyncronize, but also a source of information for clients who want to find out how much a corresponding specialist will cost them and which skills should definitely be covered by them.

Anja Ott

Anja Ott

Anja ist Head of Business Development bei Lyncronize und hat unter anderem ihre Erfahrung in der dynamischen Start-up Tech Scene in Tel Aviv gesammelt. Sie liebt es zu Reisen und Denkmuster zu hinterfragen.
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