IT projects: Demand and award duration


In our last blog posts, we looked at how to Cost potentials in indirect purchasing can lift and which the IT Procurement Trends 2022 are. It is of great importance for companies to put together a project team as soon as possible, as any delay can delay the planned start of the project and thus losses can be expected.

In order to reduce process costs and to be able to plan better, we have therefore taken a look below at the development of demand for IT services as well as the award duration of IT projects.

Demand for IT services

We have tracked the number of IT projects advertised on 54 platforms over the last two years and have seen an increasing trend in demand for IT services despite the pandemic.

Only projects that were online for a maximum of 30 days were included in the analysis. To avoid bias, we also only looked at projects from platforms for which we had information over the entire period.

Award duration for IT projects

The contracting period should also be considered in IT projects. Here we have, as already mentioned in the Previous yearIn our own analysis, we examined the award duration depending on the position to be filled. Overall, the median time to fill a position is 11 days. Scrum masters take seven days and IT project managers and test engineers eight days. The data show that the assignment duration for Scrum Mastertest engineers and IT project managers is the shortest. It takes the longest to arrange projects for security consultants. Here the median is 13 days.

The distribution of award durations shows that in fact a large proportion, approx. 65% of the over 70,000 IT projects, are awarded within two weeks. Another 20% of the IT projects are awarded between two and four weeks. Only just under 9% of the projects take four to eight weeks. More than eight to twelve weeks or even more than twelve weeks pass only for 5% and 2% respectively. However, it can be assumed here that some of the projects were not awarded at all or were not removed from the project platform after the project was awarded.

Last year, we compiled a series of factors that help to find suitable IT service providers and digital experts more quickly. These include among others Tender contents and the Framework data of a tender. A summary is here to find.

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Anja Ott

Anja Ott

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