The TOP 10 industries for freelancers

Digitalisation of the automotive industry is also making itself felt on the freelancer market

Banks or the pharmaceutical industry, telecommunications or insurance - almost every freelancer has sectors in which they prefer to work. Conversely, prior knowledge of the relevant industry is often worth its weight in gold for companies looking for a suitable candidate. After we last gave you the current hourly rates of developers today's analysis is about sectors. We have analysed over 3,800 current freelance projects for industry affiliation to find out in which sector the most ads are placed.

Digitalisation of the automotive industry is also making itself felt on the freelancer market

The result: By far the leader is the automotive industry - here the demand for freelancers is particularly high. It is followed by transport & logistics and the insurance industry. Telecommunications and plant construction are relatively far behind, and the media sector did not even make it into the top 10.

A closer look at the titles of the advertisements from the automotive industry also shows us that freelancers who contribute their know-how in the area of testing are primarily sought: Test managers and test engineers are at the top of the list. Safety also plays a major role: safety engineers, experts for functional safety and general security consultants are particularly sought after.

Important skills in the automotive industry: SAP and AUTOSAR in front

Specifically, clients ask SAP for projects in 28%. If you want to work as a developer in the automotive sector, you should be familiar with C/C++ or Embedded C. In addition, knowledge of Confluence (17%) and Jira (15%) is often required. You should also be familiar with the software architecture standard AUTOSAR (13%).

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