Find suitable IT service providers & digital experts faster (Part 4)


In our last posts, we presented factors that help companies find suitable IT service providers and digital experts in the shortest possible time. In this blog post, we conclude this analysis series with a summary look and present a fictitious tender that contains all the important points for a quick project award. We also go into the statistical distribution of award durations and show what companies can derive from this for their project planning.

Key points for rapid project award

Assume that an IT service provider or solo digital expert is being sought for an IT project at an automobile manufacturer. The task is to calculate prediction models that indicate the probability of engine failure. Of course, companies do not want to give too deep insights into business internals. However, the tender should be as detailed as necessary so that suitable experts can be found. For an accurate and concrete tender, it is advisable to prepare the tender in cooperation with the IT department concerned. For a quick award, findings from the award duration analyses on tender contents and framework data can now be applied.

Tender content

From Part 1 of our analysis series, the following points can be derived:

  • A meaningful title arouses the interest of digital experts and IT service providers. For the example described, a title like Data Scientist (m/f/d) - Predictive Maintenance in the Automotive Environment attached. The job, the area of application and the industry are clearly indicated.
  • More than 10 skills significantly reduce the time needed to fill the position (by 2-3 days on average). For the exemplary Data Scientist position, central skills such as Python, R or SQL should first be listed and marked as must-haves. Subsequently, supplementary skills and experience should be listed that are advantageous but not absolutely necessary. Skills can include specific programming languages as well as application areas such as machine learning, predictive maintenance or data visualisation.
  • A detailed Description can significantly reduce the time it takes to award a tender. The analysis has shown that tenders with a total length of more than 3000 characters (~35 lines) are awarded on average one week before a tender with less than 1000 characters. However, an unnecessarily long description is certainly not useful. A detailed description should be substantial at the same time.

Framework data of a tender

Part 2 of the analysis series has shown that Remote- and Part-time-options can reduce the award duration. In particular, remote work projects have a significantly lower award duration - by an average of almost 3 days. Another factor is the Duration of a project. Here it has been found that shorter projects also tend to be awarded more quickly.

Taken together, an advertisement for the fictitiously sought Data Scientist could look like the following:

IT project award duration at a glance

In Analysis part 3 we have examined the award duration depending on the position to be filled. Experience has shown that the placement period for data scientists, for example, is comparatively short. Here, the search takes no longer than 2 weeks on average. For developers and especially IT administrators, it takes longer - an average of 16 and 24 days respectively. The distribution of the award duration now shows that a majority (65 %) of the almost 30,000 IT projects are actually awarded within 25 days. However, almost 20 % of all IT projects are awarded between 25 and 50 days. It takes another 25 days for 8 % of the IT projects. However, it takes more than 75 days or even more than 100 days for just under 3 % of the projects. However, it can be assumed here that some projects were not awarded at all or were not removed from the project platform when the project was awarded:

For companies, this means that it is not guaranteed that suitable IT service providers or digital experts will be found within the shortest possible time. Especially in the case of highly sought-after developers and IT administrators, it can take more than three weeks. Therefore, it is worthwhile to make tenders as concrete and substantial as possible and to choose framework data that make an IT project attractive.

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Anja Ott

Anja Ott

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