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In the last few posts we have looked at the Salary differences between men and women and with Hourly rates in IT projects in general dealt with. Now we would like to focus on the area of developer hourly rates. The past analyses have already shown that the role in an IT project is of high importance. What does it look like in detail for female developers?

SAP beats everything - behind Java

Our results show that SAP developers have by far the highest average hourly rates. The female experts in ERP development are far ahead of the other female developers with 99 €/h.

Java and C++ developers follow with an average of 80 €/h each. Both were able to increase their hourly rates last year. Mobile developers come next. Whether it's Android or iOS doesn't seem to make much difference, especially since mobile developers usually offer both at the same time. However, Android developers were able to increase the most of all developers compared to last year. Android developers report a whopping €8 more per hour this year.

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In the lower ranks are frontend developers with 76€/h and .Net/C#, Python and PHP developers, who report an average of 75€/h. Previous analyses already showed that frontend developers earn less than backend developers, which is why some of these results are not surprising. What is striking is that Python developers are also in the lower range, while data scientists report a significantly higher average hourly rate of almost €96/hour. It can therefore make sense for Python developers to also settle in the area of data science, provided they have the corresponding skills.

Our analyses

The analysis is based on data from Lyncronize users and publicly available information from digital experts. Some of them explicitly state their job title, for others we were able to infer this from the skills they stated.

You can find more analysis on our blog and on the Lyncronize platform. At Lyncronize digital experts and IT service providers can Register free of charge. New projects matched to your profile will be suggested to you there on a daily basis. You will also receive further analyses for your job profile: the most sought-after skills, skill trends and further hourly rate analyses.

Philipp Blitzer

Philipp Blitzer

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