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How much do IT freelancers earn?

This is exactly the question we investigated with our data pool. And lo and behold: the freelancer hourly rates show enormous differences. We only looked at freelancers with at least 3 years of experience. While frontend developers are paid around 71 € per hour, the rates in the backend area are currently rising to over 90 €. Areas such as business analysis and SAP consulting are in the lead. As a consolation, no other area saw as many remote projects advertised in September 2019 as frontend development. Overall, however, the proportion of projects with a remote share remains low at well below 10%. The data also shows that projects with a high proportion of remote/home office work can usually be filled much more quickly.

Freelancer hourly rates project management

Also doing well: freelancers in the area of project management. Here, the average hourly rates were only just under €100. Because IT projects are not only about coding, companies often lack the experts to coordinate the project.

However, one must not forget: Specialisation is only one factor that has a significant influence on hourly rates. In the available data, we have not yet made any subdivision with regard to other factors. Other significant factors influencing the hourly rate include things like:

  • the sector orientation,
  • Project experience,
  • Appearance and
  • Specialised knowledge that sets someone apart from the competition in their field.

Especially in the higher-paid areas, the ranges of hourly rates are far apart.

The freelancer hourly rates in detail:

  • Frontend Development: € 71
  • UX/UI Design: 72 €
  • Backend Development: 90 €
  • Business Intelligence: €98
  • Project management: € 98
  • Data Science: €99
  • Software Engineering: €102
  • Business Analysis: €110
  • SAP Consulting: €110

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